Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The History of Ireland

The Ireland is a country with beautiful mountains, beaches and rivers where the people are very friendly.
The South Ireland is a country of stories and music.
The Irish are the Celtic people. The Celtic came from Ireland the west France and the north Spain.The Celtic people loved the history, singing, gold and silver jewellery.
The most important game from the Celtic people is Hurling. Today is very important game called football Gaelic.
St Patrick is a man which a built many, many church and monasteris in the Ireland.
St Patrick is the desfile most important in the USA and the Ireland for the people poor who died in New York a thousand years ago.
The Vikings people came the Ireland from Norwegia. This people built the towns: Dublin, Cork, Waterford and Limerick.
The English people came to Ireland a thousand years ago. The England country had many kings.
The most important english has been William of Orange.
In this time the english were Protestants and the irish Catolics, for this many years fighter togethers.
I'm talking from the year 1685, when the king William of Orange won to battles: the batlle of the Boyne in 1690 and the batlle of Aghrim in 1691.
The Ireland tapewarm in 1919 the Irish Republican Army or IRA who killed many,many people.
On "Bloody Friday"21 july 1972 the IRA put 22 bombs in Belfast, where died many people.
The towns most important the Ireland are:
1. Dublin is the capital the Ireland and had the famous black beer Guiness. The famous statue in Dublin is the Molly Malone was a poor woman who sold a fish and she dien when was a very young.
2. Belfast is the biggest city in the north the Ireland. Here built the most famous and biggest ship in the world with calles was Titanic.
1912 where died many people.
3. Another city is Cork in the south- west the Ireland. Cork it has a wanderful harbour for ships.
In 2005 Cork was called the European Capital of Culture.
Thinks importants the Ireland: Irish people loved stories and here Jonathan Swift was a wroter who wrote the book Gulliver's Travels is a book most famous in the world.
Here is very popular the irish dance and the most important singers as group called U2, Seaned O'Connor, Enya.
Irish songs are very popular in the country. Ireland has won the Eurovision Song seven times and is is the best pop song in Europe.
Today in Ireland 50 per cent are the young irish people under twenty-five years. Now the people are working in the country because they have work.
Many people came from other countries for work in a factory, shopping etc.

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