Wednesday, 23 May 2012



T.A: Hello
Customer: Hello
T.A: Can I help you?
Customer: Yes, I'd like to book, please.
T.A: Where would you like to go to travel?
Customer: I'd like travel to Cadiz.
T.A: How long will you be staying?
Customer: Two Weeks, from nine of July to twenty second of July. Is it possible?
T.A: Let's check availability. Yes is it possible.
         Do you go to travel alone or accompanied?
Customer: I will travel with my husband.
T.A: What kind of room would you like, prefer?
Customer: Double Room.
T.A: Bed&Breakfast?
Customer: No, All Inclusive.
                  How much does it cost?
T.A: Six hundred per person and per night, VAT including.
Customer: It is very good.
T.A: What's name.
Customer: Daniela Rodriguez
T.A: How will you be paying: in Cash or by Credit Card?
Customer: By Credit Card.
T.A: Sign here please?
Let me give you your confirmation number: 2345618
Thank you for choose our services and our Agency.
Have a nice day. Goodbye.
Customer: Goodbye.

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